Daniel H.

Unexpected Tone Enhancement

This thing is magic. I replaced an excellent buffered splitter, (keying my Zuul), with the Spliff because I wanted to get my TU-3 out of my signal chain. Like any musician, I'm particular about tone; the Spliff, for lack of a better way to describe it, brought my board to life.

Deadweight A.⠀


Amazing company with amazing pedals.Fortin Amplification f***ing rules.Shipped quickly.Thank you guys!

The G.C.

Spliff ❤

Purchased along with Zuul to run the key function cable. A perfect fit!

Frequently asked Questions

Why the Spliff?

Not only do you get an awesome buffer (see below). You also get a transformer isolated output on the third out. This will make it much easier to run multiple amps and deal with any phase issues that may arise. You also have a dedicated tuner out!

What does a buffer actually do?

In a nutshell, the signal is changed from hi impedance to low impedance.... this will halt signal degradation happening down cables, and restore the full tonal glory of your instrument.

How do I run the Spliff with the Zuul?

You would go into the Spliff, take one out put in to the key input of the Zuul, then take another out put to the rest of your signal chain. This was the Zuul only hears what your guitar is doing and nothing else. You can also run the third out put to a tuner...