Plenty of tone shaping options and tons of gain. I run this directly into an IR loader and couldn't be happier

- Michael A.

Literally Satan in a box. I've never actually heard a stomp box punch this hard and I have loads of em. Quite literally, incredible.

- Owen H.

Fortin really knocked it out of the park with this one. Love this thing so much

- Chago G.

Frequently asked Questions

How much power does the NATAS need?

The NATAS is quite power hungry which is why there is no battery clip - a battery would last about an hour, max.

To power up the NATAS, the pedal needs an initial 'spike' of around 600mA, but once it is up and running, it will draw about 150mA.

It is vitally important you power the NATAS with a high quality power supply!

Is the EQ active or passive?

The EQ is a hugely responsive 3 band active EQ, so you don't just cut frequencies, you can add them!

Is the pedal the same as the amp?

Mike got as close as he could to the tone, and most importantly, the feel of the amp. If you are to run the NATAS into the power section of a NATAS amp, or even into the IR section of the Neural DSP NTS suite, the tonal differences are extremely hard to hear.