Fortin Nameless X Suite

The Amp


Mike worked closely with NeuralDSP (and several key Fortin artists) to capture and recreate every distinct sonic aspect of what makes this amplifier unique, with the sole objective of developing an algorithmically perfect model that would satisfy our discerning ears and do this monstrous amplifier justice.

We proudly present to you, the recently updated Fortin Nameless X Suite - the first, the original, amp-sim from NeuralDSP.

This amp sim represents the most aggressive sounding amplifiers in recent history, and his precisely engineered brutality has become a staple to some of the industry’s most legendary names.


The original amp is considered by many to the pinnacle of that British stack tone, from a cool crunch all the way up to the most formidable saturation of gain, this is THE amp for you. It may have a simple layout, but that's because at its core, it's simply perfect for that amazing, 'M' sound.

"I have a disdain for guitar amp modeling, but this Nameless X amp emulation completely nails it!" - Mike Fortin

The Cab Sim

It is hard to overstate the importance of well-captured cabinets in a rig’s overall tonal character.

To offer maximum flexibility, we engineered a very comprehensive and adaptive cabinet simulation module: featuring six virtual microphones, which can be positioned around the speakers.

This module can also serve as a standard loader for your favorite impulse response files.

These features can be used on both mono and stereo configurations; the latter allows for a second microphone to be added with full panning, microphone-level, and phase parameters in addition to position and distance, for ultimate control and endless sonic possibilities.



Models of Fortin Amplification’s GRIND®, ZUUL® and HEXDRIVE® pedals are included in the virtual signal chain to create a complete suite that incorporates all the necessary tone-shaping tools for the modern guitarist.


Besides additional gain, GRIND® adds an incredible amount of clarity and articulation to the sound, making every note defined and present, even when highly distorted. Use on more low end rich amp sounds to add tightness.


The Cali®also features the Fortin ZUUL® pedal. Widely regarded as the epitome of noise-gate performance and transparency! This virtual studio-grade noise gate gets the job done with a simple straightforward operation. ZUUL® will respect your fast play stops and your long releases without interfering on your interpretation.


The HEXDRIVE® adds further tone-shaping possibilities, bringing classic and modern overdrive tones to the plugin suite.

New with Nameless X update

Delay and Reverb

Delay and Reverb complete the package, allowing you to create infinite soundscapes and craft blistering lead tones.

9 band EQ

9-band graphic EQ with high & low pass filters for total control over frequency response.

Transpose and Doubler

Transpose: Pitch your guitar up or down by a constant interval (+12/-12 semitones). Use this to easily change the tuning of your instrument.

Doubler: Project your signal to a simulated stereo field giving you the sound of a double-tracked recording.


The new standalone feature in Fortin Nameless X Suite allows you to quickly install, plug and play the most brutal and realistic sounding amp sim on the planet! Standalone is perfect for practice on the go and live use. Simply open on your computer, plug into your interface and go!

System Requirements

The Fortin Nameless X Suite comes in 64-bit VST / AU / AAX / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac, including Native Apple Silicon.

For more information about system requirements visit NerualDSP's support page.

Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

All Fortin Neural DSP products are developed with the full input of Mike Fortin

Ken Sorceron

Preparing for a tour and had our guitar heads ready to go into suhr reactive load boxes with our best IR’s etc. Decided to try nameless x for a minute through our rig. Oops, nameless sounds better than our expensive tube amps through the same IR’s before even tweaking the plugin.

František Švarc

Credit where credit is due. Nameless X is killer.

Andrea Maccianti

I ❤️The Fortin Nameless X!