Justin B.

Roach Rules!

Roach has an unexpectedly good buffer and acts well in its role as Keymaster to the gatekeeper, Zuul.

Ben D.

Perfect tool!!!

The ROACH is the perfect tool to split your signal!!! Whether to feed the key in of your Zuul, your tuner or whatever you can imagine, the small size of the ROACH will fit perfectly on your pedalboard!!! Thanks Fortin!!!🤘🤘🤘


Bassist Use

This works great if you run a clean thru. I use a Source Audio split with an input for effects and an input for just clean with a low pass set at 330.

Frequently asked Questions

What does a buffer actually do?

In a nutshell, the signal is changed from hi impedance to low impedance.... this will halt signal degradation happening down cables, and restore the full tonal glory of your instrument.

How do I run the Roach with the Zuul?

You would go into the Roach, take one out put in to the key input of the Zuul, then take another out put to the rest of your signal chain. This was the Zuul only hears what your guitar is doing and nothing else. You can also run the third out put to a tuner...

Can I use multiple amps with the Roach?

You sure can... you can make a stereo amp rig quickly and easily using the Roach!