Within the modern guitar community, the Zuul® has long been the industry standard for noise gate technology.



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Still confusing

It would be nice to have a comprehensive manual online and in box. After writing you once you give me a link to a long video. Many problems with that. I don't want to go through the whole video to see every video. I should be able to have a diagram of the hook up scenarios. An explanation of why to use one scheme over another would be helpful. In the video it says to pause and screenshot it. Did this and you get the pause screen in the screenshot as well.
The problem I'm having is getting it dialed in to shut without a "squeak" noise. If i adjust from this point either it cuts out too fast or it "studders" as it barely opens the gate at all. Would there be an advantage in the other ways of placement ?
I'm running my dynamics pedalboard into key in, key thru to my drives and back to the in, and then out to my mods. There's more in there but that's a simple explanation. If you'd like and it would help i could send you a pic of my pedalboard.
Thank you
Bret Watters

Chris M.
Best ever noise gate!!!!

It can do it all. I don’t know what else to say. It’s super fantastical! 🤘

Diego P.

Hi guys
I recieved my order. Everything perfect!
I wanted to know what is the best way to connect the zuul + using the 4 method cable. My pedalboard has a politunes tunner, the zuul + and an overdrive. I dont know how to connect the cables and wich would be the correct order.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Ps. I already watched the youtube video but the explanatiom is with delay pedals and other effects.

Hey Diego! Thank you for purchasing a Zuul+! We recommend that you plug your guitar into the tuner, then from the tuner into the Key input of the Zuul+. Then place the overdrive pedal within the loop of the Zuul+ (the jacks on the top) and then from the Key Out to the rest of your signal chain / amp!

Hunter D.


Dave W.
Does the thing

I have an unusual setup -
I use a clean amp, my drive is an origin effects revival drive hotrod (sounds incredible but definitely noisy). I have my drive as an insert in the eventide h90 (h90 routing is sick af) so I was not sure if the zuul+ would be right for my use-case. I set it up using the key input/output and it works absolutely perfectly, it took minimal tweaking to get the settings right for my sound and after the initial setup I basically forgot the zuul+ exists which is actually a huge compliment. I’ve heard reviewers talk about how it colors the tone but I don’t really hear a difference in my tone when the zuul+ is on or off. Great pedal, thanks!