Timothy S.

Sick little fuzz!

So happy to have added this to my pedal board, very versatile fuzz pedal. It really thickens up my amp, PRS MT-15, in the overdrive channel giving that glorious doom sound but also tightens up nicely when you roll back the volume. Love this little beast!

Stuart T.


Killer fuzz for some slow doom ! Lots of breakup with my rig. Absolutely blown away. Very creative and musical pedal.

Kenneth S.

Perfect fuzz

Put it on the pedal board and fell in love. Has some standard fuzz tones but paired with an overdrive it really crushes

Frequently asked Questions

Just how fuzzy is the Fuzz?

The Fuzz starts off in the vintage area, but soon gets extremely nasty and contemporary past 10 o'clock.

What is the Girth control?

Fuzz is all about how the low end smashes the gain stages. The Girth control takes that principle and explodes it giving the Fuzz the most brutal, sludgey and doom laden Fuzz ever designed!

Can I put 24v into the Fuzz?

You most certainly can!