I now own 3 of these. THAT should tell you everything you need to know. There are no other noise gates......ONLY ZUUL!!!

- Dionisio M.

Definitely going to be adding this to any pedal board I build in the future. I'm using the 4 cable method and it leaves my rig as quiet as can be.

- Ed L.

I find it to be the best for killing unwanted noise and feedback without choking off my sustain. Very intuitive, fine tunable. Brilliant!

- Trevor A.

Frequently asked Questions

Will the Zuul change the tone of my amp?

We are proud that the Zuul will not color the tone of your amp / signal chain. However, the Zuul will buffer the signal so if you are not already running a buffer you may feel like the Zuul inserts "top end" into your tone. The Zuul is not adding this to your tone, it is simply restoring what is already there, giving you an actual representation of the tone coming from your instrument!

What sets the Zuul Plus apart from regular Zuul?

You have additional controls on the Zuul Plus - a hold time and release time control making your gating experience all the more succinct. You also get a Key Thru out jack so you don't need to run a cable splitter or a splitter pedal to use the Key functionality to its maximum potential.

What does the key do?

Placing a gate after your gain stages can prove to be annoying as the gate is looking at the effected signal to try to work out when to open and/or close. They Key In/Thru listens to what your instrument is doing only (as it is effectively first in the chain), and then opens and closes the gate according to your instrument and not any the floor noise, artifacts etc coming from your gain stages. When the Key is used and triggered by your instrument, the gate itself is set after your gain stages and before any delay/reverb effects - this way you have complete control of your gate and it will not affect your other effects.