The best Pedal ever created

The grind is an incredible pedal. My amp sounds 200% better than it did before. Just an incredible piece of equipment that I highly recommend

Harmony R.

Turned my studio tone from a beast into a monster

Boost single with clarity. I’ve tried multiple different tube screamers, distortions pedals and on and on…Fortin Grind is tops…


Great Pedal!

Does what it says on the tin - will change your mushy metal amp into a grind machine!

Frequently asked Questions

What is the Grind exactly?

The Grind is an EQ exciter that will bring out all the lovely harmonics and other hidden parts of your tone that you never knew existed, but now can't live without!

What is the difference between the Grind and the 33?

The are both exciters, but each excite different frequencies!

What do the switch and the Jack on the side do?

We think that you may only want to use the Grind on only one channel of your amp. All you have to do is plug a cable from the side jack to the channel changer on the your amp, and when you turn the Grind on or off the channel on your amp will change. The switch is to change the polarity so you can decide which channel you want to have the Grind on!