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The culmination of years of collaboration across multiple amplifiers has brought a high-gain killing machine to the forefront of heavy music. The Evil Pumpkin® Jason Frankhouser Signature Amplifier!

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Customer Reviews

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Philip L.

EVIL PUMPKIN®, 3 Channel Midi 100w

Sean R.
It will knock your socks off

Seriously you won’t have socks anymore. It’s the perfect amp I’ve ever played and I love the simplicity yet full packaged design. It feels like plugging into a fire breathing dragon. The lead channel sounds amazing, plays great with my pedalboard. Petal plugs on the back are cool. The thing looks badass. I don’t have any socks left

Clark C.
Tightest & best modern tube amp

The Fortín Evil Pumpkin is my new favorite high gain amp! The clean channel is also absolutely incredible, so if you’re into modern tones I highly recommend this amplifier.

Joshua B.

EVIL PUMPKIN®, 3 Channel Midi 100w

Will B.
10/10 Amazing Amp

This amp sounds amazing right out of the box. Mine came “dialed in” from the factory and the guys at Fortin definitely know what they’re doing. I took a picture of those settings then started messing with knobs. I found this amp to have a lot of treble character but this is what I like in an amp (not a dark amp fan). It’s easy enough to dial out if you know what you are doing and cuts like a razor in a live setting. I’ve been playing mine with no boost in front as this amp has all the gain I require and then some and doesn’t get the least bit muddy when you push it. Closest comparison to my ears is an EVH 5150 stealth but not as dry and of course has its own goodness going on. This amp gets loud af (no duh 100w) but also sounds great at low volume. If you live an apartment complex I’d make friends with your neighbors if you’re going to put this baby through its paces. Definitely worth the time investment to dial in to your preferences and again, this amp is on the brighter side and can get fizzy/sizzly if you’re not careful. If you’re looking into this amp and are doing research on YouTube I would say I haven’t seen one that really does this amp justice yet. If you’re into clear punchy high gain goodness I would say this amp is for you.