Volkmar K.

Fortin Tempest

Excellent pedal, that perfectly completes my vintage Marshall Silver Jubilee and Peavey 5150!
Great sound and a lot of fun🤘🤘🤘

Martin K.


Great pedal works well with all my high gain stuff mesa rectifier, engl fireball, prs mt15 it easily adjust highs and lows or treble and bass. Awesome

Brittany's M.S.⠀


Fortin does it again! Amazing versatile pedal. The Tempest" is an overdrive like no other. The LP and HP filter knobs really set this pedal apart from other overdrive pedals.Will the wife get mad if you buy it? Yes.Will you be happy even after your wife yells at you? Yes.Will this Overdrive sound amazing with the guitar that is also on the way? Hell yes!"

Frequently asked Questions

What is the Tempest?

The Tempest was designed with, and for, Josh and Adam from Architects. It is a clean / dirty boost pedal designed to tighten up your amp, or pedal gain.

What are the two controls on the bottom?

On the left is a low cut, and on the right is a high cut!

Is it just for modern amps and tones?

Not at all, you can use the Tempest to boost any amp that is on the verge of clipping. From vintage Fenders right up to the Evil Pumpkin, the Tempest can bring more and more out of your amp!