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Steven Ward’s journey in guitar content creation

In the vast landscape of online content creation, few realms are as dynamic and captivating as the world of guitar content. From tutorials to performances, reviews, to behind-the-scenes glimpses, guitar enthusiasts flock to platforms like YouTube for their daily dose of musical inspiration. In this engaging podcast episode, Mel Torres sits down with Steven Ward, a prolific guitar content creator, to uncover the secrets of his success and glean invaluable insights into the art of digital storytelling in the realm of music.

Mel and Steven met in URM Summit in 2018, setting the stage for a friendship grounded in a shared passion for music and digital media. Steven reflects on this serendipitous meeting, acknowledging the pivotal role it played in shaping his journey. "It's funny how life can lead you to unexpected places," he muses, encapsulating the essence of their chance encounter.

At the heart of Steven's content philosophy lies authenticity – a guiding principle that infuses every aspect of his creative process. "Authenticity is key," he asserts, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections and real stories. In a digital landscape often saturated with polished facades, Steven's commitment to authenticity sets him apart, fostering a deep sense of connection with his audience.

Delving into the intricacies of content creation, Steven offers a glimpse into his creative process, rooted in a keen observation of everyday moments. "I find inspiration in everyday moments," he shares. "It's about capturing those sparks and turning them into something meaningful." This disciplined approach ensures a steady stream of engaging content that resonates with his audience.

Yet, Steven's journey has not been without its challenges. Embracing imperfection, he views setbacks as opportunities for growth and innovation. "Mistakes are just opportunities in disguise," he reflects. "They push us to evolve and innovate." This resilience in the face of adversity underscores Steven's unwavering commitment to his craft.

Central to Steven's success is his unwavering dedication to staying true to his vision. In a world of fleeting trends and external pressures, he advocates for artistic integrity and staying true to oneself. "Your authenticity is your greatest asset," he affirms, urging creators to remain steadfast in their artistic vision.

Beyond individual creativity, Steven acknowledges the power of community in fostering growth and collaboration. "Community is everything," he declares. "Together, we inspire, encourage, and uplift each other." Through collaborative projects and an inclusive online environment, Steven cultivates a vibrant community of like-minded individuals united by their passion for music.

Steven's journey reminds us of the enduring power of authenticity, resilience, and community in our creative endeavors.

Plug-ins coming to the Quad Cortex

CorOS 3.0.0 is the next major update scheduled for the Quad Cortex, featuring the heavily anticipated plugin compatibility. As they reach the final stages of development, they wanted to give us an overview of what else you can expect in CorOS 3.0.0 both regarding plugin compatibility (PCOM) and other features.


Neural DSP:

"Before we dive into the new features, we want to communicate how X updates and CorOS releases will be compatible. CorOS 3.0.0 will introduce compatibility for Archetype: Plini X and Archetype: Gojira X. If you own licenses for those plugins, they will unlock when you sign into your Neural DSP account on your Quad Cortex.

The next two plugins to receive an X update are the Fortin Nameless Suite and the Soldano SLO-100. The X-updates for Nameless and SLO will be available before the accompanying CorOS update. This means that plugin updates will not be synchronized with CorOS releases.

If you are a plugin user who doesn’t use a Quad Cortex, this change will not affect you. If you are a plugin user who uses X plugins and the Quad Cortex, you can enjoy the updated plugins while you wait for them to be available on Quad Cortex. If you are a Quad Cortex user who doesn’t own the plugins but wants them on the Quad Cortex, we recommend you wait for the accompanying CorOS version to be released."


Neural DSP:

"CorOS 3.0.0 will include the following new devices for all users:

  • Transpose

  • Doubler

  • Transparent Blend 

  • Pitch Correction - Monophonic pitch correction, useful for fretless instruments and vocals

  • Circular Delay - Inspired by the Lexicon® PCM-70®

  • Plugin Gate

  • Plugin Doubler

  • Plugin Blend

  • Plugin Graphic-9

The "Plugin" versions of the devices have been created with the exact same controls and parameter ranges as in the plugins, whereas alternative versions of these devices have also been added with extended controls and ranges."

For full details, check out the full press release form Neural DSP here.

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