February 09, 2024 2 min read

Exploring the Second Terror: Fortin NATAS and Orange Tiny Terror Collaboration

Hey, I'm Mel from Fortin Amps, and in this blog post, I'm excited to share my experience driving the NATAS through the Orange Tiny Terror. If you're familiar with the Orange Tiny Terror, you know it's a single-channel Orange Amp with EL84 power tubes, delivering that signature Orange sound. In this demo, I decided to load this amp with another channel – a distortion channel; in this case the Fortin NATAS. The guitar was my friend's Legator Helio equipped with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, gated with the Zuul+ into the NATAS into the Orange Tiny Terror, and finally into my MESA 4x12" cab, mic'ed up with my trusty SM57. Let's dive into how this tone sounds.

Overall Impressions:
The combination of the two-stack gain structure of the Orange Tiny Terror and the NATAS creates a unique tone. It's got that signature Fortin bright articulation, yet not overpowering, with clarity and cut from the NATAS distortion. Balancing both gain structures was a challenge, but the result was a tone that stood out..

Deep Dive:

  1. Tone Shift: Set to the up position for a balanced midrange that positively affected saturation.
  2. Treble: Positioned at 3 o'clock to balance with both amp and pedal tone knobs, offering a wide impact on the tone without harshness.
  3. Mids: Set at 6, influencing pick attack clarity for articulation.
  4. Bass: Surprisingly responsive in the low end, set at 3 o'clock to positively impact tone without introducing muddiness.
  5. Pedal Gain: Set at 9 o'clock, sparingly used to add a unique drive without overtaking the Orange sound.
  6. Pedal Volume: Carefully set at noon, as going beyond negatively affected the tone.
  7. Amp Gain: Also set at noon to find a balance without saturating the guitar tone.
  8. Amp VolumeCranked to about 6 o'clock, contributing significantly to the body of the guitar tone.
  9. Tone: Set at 6 to roll off any harsh frequencies, showcasing the amp's sensitivity to detail.

The Orange Tiny Terror proves to be a solid amp that accommodates pedals well without oversaturating its characteristics. This combination with the NATAS results in a pairing that beautifully complements the Orange sound. If you're into a dynamic and unique tone, experimenting with the Fortin NATAS through the Orange Tiny Terror might be your next sonic adventure.

- Mel Torres


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