The new king of boost pedals.Much better high-end content, harmonic response is just so much better, and I get far more sustain out of the pedal with little noise floor. Great job, Fortin! - Seunghyun S.

Best thing I’ve ever played through - Completely fixed my tone I love it, it pushed my amp just enough to really open it up and it sounds amazing! - Kevin B.

Wow - The lower string in 7/8 str guitars or downtuned can be a bit muddy: not with this beast! - Luca F.

Frequently asked Questions

Does Fredrik use the 33?

Oh yes, he has it in his studio and his live rig!

Are the regular 33 and the Mini the same?

They are, the only difference is the physical size!

What do the switch and the Jack on the side do?

We think that you may only want to use the 33 on only one channel of your amp. All you have to do is plug a cable from the side jack to the channel changer on the your amp, and when you turn the 33 on or off the channel on your amp will change. The switch is to change the polarity so you can decide which channel you want to have the 33 on!